Saturday, January 7, 2012

stage 1 solid food

hello sunday...!!

uols sume weekend buat ape?mummy arini bwk elman g zoo jb ( i dont even know jb ade zoo!haha) pegi kejap jek pon, cuace mendung nk ujan..nnt mummy update gmb g zoo k..orite, mummy baru je siapkan jadual solid food step 1 (1st month intro)..sok nk print n letak kt fridge :)

mummy nk start awal sket which on 14th jan, ari sabtu..sbb the next sat tu 21st dah kan...cannot..time tu ngh cuti raye cina kt bia mummy start ajo baby mkn dgn tenang kt umah..hehhe..tu hasil combination dr group HSFYB ( (jom mummy sape yg lom join lg tu k) and from web (

ni plak choices of foods..ade lg bole tgk kt sni

so exticing rite??oh, tomorrow mummy nk g beli thermos la..apesal rse cam xabes2 nk g jusco sopink ni?hahaha..xleh pgg duit lnsg la!


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