Saturday, January 14, 2012

Day 2, break the rule!

why?coz mummy preparing brown rice so called bubur..hahha..the reason why mummy cam kesian tgk elman mkn buah jek on the 1st day kn...doesnt matter la as long elman nk mkn kan..huhu

here u are, brown rice+apple puree...

brown rice floral @2.9 & instant oat frm cosway @4.90

introduce brown rice first, grind it ok (satu gengam beras)..and jgn lupe sieve dlu..

then, masakla ye

mummy buat sket jek, half simpan utk esok..

and another half mummy campur ngn apple puree yg dh wat smlm :)

dah siap mkn..bnyk jugak elman mkn!

end up with so happy feeling coz elman can accept the food...means so yummy kan cayang?hehhehe..happy weekend!


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