Friday, January 27, 2012

oat with prunes

morning mummy introducing new menu of bfast (elman eat 3x a day ok!)...its oat with pruness!!i guess it gonna be so delicious ya...

as usual, grind the oat same as rice..the prune also, steam kan or rebus k...blend!sbb td mummy wat 4 biji jek so susah nk blend...b4 lupe mummy pkai sunsweet prunes tu ok :)

so jd la begini..(tips: pasni cincang halus masak terus dlm oat/brown rice terus pon ok..)

jgn lupe tapis tau sbb ade prunes tu (its not smooth)..

see..dah very smooth your oatmeal kan..

simpan half for lunch...

and lagi half utk elman bfast! eh..dh abes??mummy excited elman abes mkn...

before ni elman kalo ngn mummy xmkn bnyk tau..but ngn BS, kemain bnyk die mkn...pelik mummy tgk..tny2, bs tu bg mkn secare baring...and some tips yg mummy try menjadi...

  • baringkan elman...depends pd baby la camne die nk mkn k
  • dont forget pkaikan bib besar so that baju xkotor sgt
  • switch off toys
  • attract die sms mkn
  • b4 mkn bg susu sket
ok..thts all....yall ade any tips?lets share :)


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