Monday, February 25, 2013

I'm in instagram

Assalam n hello guys..yeah im in insta...gare2 terpengaruh ngn bdk opis kan...b4 ni idok ler kecoh sgt wpn tgk rmai org upload gmkt IG kn..mak xterpengaruh pon..

Tapi...akhirnye teringin la jugak kn...yes my bb doesnt hv ig i buat?haha..mle2 reg dlu kt phone adek (she use adroid which got ig app kn)...then kt web dh bole bkk instagram..

Kmudian...jeng jeng jeng...thnks to papa give us (mummy n elman) this new leh on ig anytime....muakss to papa!

So follow me at elmarya7 on instagram ya!wht i like very much is its more private n i tapis dlu sape yg nk folo i since fb cam dh got no privacy...sorry...


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